Keeping your lawn green in Winter

If you’re worried about keeping your lawn looking green in Winter, read on. We’ll give you our top tips for a luscious lawn – even in the cold months!

Most lawns become semi-dormant during the colder months of Winter. That means they slow their growth, lose some of their lovely green colouring and take a lot longer to repair from damage.

Here are our top tips to help!

Get It Right Before Winter Hits

The key is to get the lawn in the best condition possible while the lawn is still actively growing before Winter.

Then you just maintain it, with some slight adjustments.

Watering should be adjusted as the weather cools so the lawn isn’t receiving too much water, and lawn mowing should continue regularly (just at a reduced rate) to promote green leaf growth.

Mowing Tips

Mowing encourages new green leaf growth, so you still need to keep mowing in Winter – just a lot less frequently.

If you don’t mow, your lawns can develop a substantial thatch layer, which leaves your lawn looking brown when you cut it.

Watering Tips

Winter can be really deceiving. Many soils drain away their water reserves over Winter if the rain isn’t happening frequently.

Your grass can sometimes keep it’s green look, because the grass receives it’s requirements from morning dew and even infrequent rainfall. The problem is when Spring arrives, our lawns can go into shock and turn brown.

It is critical to monitor water levels throughout Winter, and to water your lawn whenever it is low.

Fertilising Tips

The month before Winter hits is a great time to begin a Winter fertilising regime. Winter fertiliser usually has a higher Iron content and adjusted ratios of other nutrients, so applying just before Winter hits can strengthen the lawn with the nutrients and minerals it most needs for cold weather. Because the lawn is still growing well at this time, the grass can absorb these products very easily and make the most use of them.

The next dose of Winter fertiliser should be in the middle of Winter. The lawn can only make minor use of these nutrients at this time of year, but it still helps the lawn survive and thrive. At the beginning of Spring you can move back to a regular lawn fertiliser.

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