Courtyard Renovation

Hills District, Sydney

The Garden Men were engaged to undergo a courtyard garden renovation. The back yard had no gardens and was covered in very old artificial grass which had natural grass and weeds growing through it. Access to the backyard was through the garage and laundry which restricted the movement of materials.

Frances wanted the backyard to be neat and tidy and with a garden where little flowers could be planted and some shrubs to hide the fence.

The process was to remove the old artificial grass and clear the backyard. New gardens were constructed using timber edging. Timber sleepers were installed and retained along the length of the colorbond fence to prevent the soil from pushing against the fence. Premium garden mix was incorporated and mixed with the natural soil to provide an ideal environment for new plantings. New artificial turf was installed after levelling and compacting the base. With the new plants in, the gardens was fertilised and mulched to complete the project.


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