Commercial Landscaping Ideas for Your Business

Commercial Landscaping Ideas for Your Business

You’ve spent a lot of time creating the perfect interior space(s) for your commercial building. Now, it’s time to take a look at the outside. Professional landscaping for the entranceway and surrounding grounds makes your property look inviting and creates a beautiful work environment for employees. With proper landscaping, you let both visitors and employees know that you care about the outside of your building as much as you do the inside.

When you create a beautiful, well-maintained garden, you invite people in and build the prestige of your property. The first thing people notice when entering your building is the outdoor landscaping. 

By following these simple tips, you’ll create an inviting and beautiful outdoor space for your commercial building.

Highlight Your Signage

Most businesses have a sign out front, increasing visibility and legitimacy of their business. Using a colorful floral and shrub design around your sign can really make you stand out from the street. This area sets the tone for the rest of the landscape but gives visitors a great first impression.

Even though the sign might be a permanent fixture, creating landscaping around it in a beautiful, functional, and professional way gives it that “wow” factor and truly enhances the visitor and employee experience. 

No matter how much or how little space you have around your outdoor signage, a professional landscape designer can create an eye-catching arrangement to enhance the area. Bright flowers, beautiful greenery, and meticulously groomed landscaping to your entrance calls people in and makes them feel like you’re dedicated to providing the best place possible for customers and visitors.

Instant Impact With Green

Create a stunning impact with shrubs, grassy areas, and trees that add texture and visual appeal to your commercial property. When placed along sidewalks or outdoor seating areas, employees and visitors have a shady area to enjoy while taking a break or walking around the property.

Trees create shade to block harsh sunlight from coming in the windows, making a pleasant view from inside the building and also help with energy costs. When placed close to the building, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. Use a combination of leafy trees and pine trees to maximise energy savings both in the summer and winter.

Add a Bit of Color

People notice color. Impress visitors and employees by accenting your entranceway and pathways with large planters full of colorful flowers and even exotic blooms. Consider hibiscus, elephant ears, vinca, Lantana, and begonias to pack a bright punch around signs, entryways, and other areas needing a little color.

Make sure to change out flowers for the seasons. You can bring a bit of light to dreary winter and rainy days or wow people with bright flowers in the summertime. When you keep the flowers fresh and looking great, people will feel good, even before they walk through the door.

Decrease Environmental Impact

Even though adding plants and greenery around your building is a positive environmental impact, there are more ways you can impact the earth with your landscaping. Drought and limited water supply have become a real issue these days. 

Most commercial landscape design ideas can help by designing for water management. Using plants native to your region, low water plants, and improved irrigation methods can be integrated into your design and positively impact our environment!

Build large planter areas with stone or concrete to create raised beds for flowers and plants in a pleasing design. These planters hold water from rains and decrease the need for constant irrigation. Using eco-friendly mulch and recycling grass clippings back into your mulch helps keep yard waste from being thrown away or burned. 

Outdoor Areas For Work or Relaxing

The Millennial generation started a trend of using outdoor workspaces. This is becoming a trend for most commercial offices. Businesses offer areas in and around their buildings with outdoor tables and benches in the middle of landscaped areas where employees can work when the weather allows. Some companies are even conducting meetings outdoors, and research shows that employee productivity increases when these spaces are available.

Atriums and open-air enclosed spaces are acceptable forms of this type of landscaping design. Bring the workplace outdoors and keep employees productive and happy. In addition to keeping your employees happy, visitors will thank you for a spot to sit and just enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in an otherwise concrete-covered environment.

The Garden Men Have The Greenthumb

Landscape design doesn’t have to be boring or mundane. Hiring a professional landscaper can add bright colors and original planted areas to make your property stand out from the crowd. In addition, you can create a highly functional outdoor area inviting employees and visitors to use the space instead of just walking through to get to the door. Climate-friendly and drought-resistant landscaping help make maintenance easy and affordable.

The Garden Men is a family-owned and operated lawn and garden care business in Baulkham Hills, but we service the Sydney metropolitan area. Our company is built on our satisfied customer reviews and referrals. We provide residential, commercial, and strata landscaping and maintenance throughout Sydney. We believe in always going above and beyond for our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can design and maintain a beautiful landscape for your commercial building.

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