Garden Makeover On A Small Budget? Yes, You Can!

Garden Makeover On A Small Budget? Yes, You Can!

Want to change up your garden, but don’t have a huge budget? No problem! You don’t need a fat wallet to be able to make over your yard, just some creativity and drive that will help you along the way.

Landscaping and revamping your garden space can be a great way to relax and enjoy the satisfaction of a well-cared for home. Here are some budget-conscious tips and tricks to get your garden looking so good, even your landscaper will be jealous!

Tip #1: Repaint Old Furniture 

Repainting some of your old lawn furniture with new and complimentary colours can be just the added beautification step your yard needs. Bright and fun colours that match your home or maybe some of the flowers or plants in your yard will add cheerful elements. A fresh coat of paint on a rusty table can turn old into bold in just a few brush strokes. To save even more money, try seeing if a local or big-name hardware store has a discount paint section. 

Tip #2: Make Your Own Compost

Compost bought at the store or online can be quite expensive, especially if you have a larger garden. You can make your own compost in a few easy steps and a little patience. Compost is a nutrient packed organic material made from food and yard waste that can be added to soil to help plants grow. You can also make potting soil for your potted plants by blending your homemade compost with your garden soil and some sand or grit. For easy steps at composting from home, check out our guide click here.

Tip #3: Plant Perennials For Savings All Year ‘Round

Planting perennials in your yard can save you some dollarydoos, as these plants and flowers will keep coming back year after year. Make sure to research the best perennials for the climate you live in and the layout of your yard. 

Tip #4: Ask For Or Find Cuttings

A simple way to keep growing the plants you love is to take cuttings and grow them into a whole new plant. You can do this by first choosing a non-flowering shoot, as these will grow roots much faster. Cut the shoot to about 10cm long and make the cut below a leaf node (where the leaf is attached to the stem.) Then, remove the side leaves and the tip. 

Fill a pot with your potting compost mix or regular potting soil and push the cuttings gently into the soil. Place the newly potted plants into a warm area out of direct sunlight. To boost growth, you can also put a plastic bag or cling film over the plant to create a moist greenhouse effect that will boost the growth rate. 

Tip #5: Upcycle Old Bottles

Do you have a lot of really cool looking empty bottles you can’t seem to throw away because you are “hoping to use them one day”? Well, now you finally have a use for them! 

You can use old bottles to propagate root cuttings and seeds into viable plants in water. Just pour enough room temperature water over the root cutting to cover it and change it out ever 3-4 days and watch your seeds and plant cuttings start to root! You can also do this with fruit and vegetable seeds as well. 

Put some cool yarn or rope around the bottle neck and hang them from your fence to create a fresh, DIY styled look. You can even add food dye to the water to enhance the look.

Quick Tips:

  • Plant succulents for a cheap and easy garden add-on
  • Repaint planters for a pop of colour
  • Use mulch for an inexpensive way to fill space and encourage plant growth as well
  • Use old tins as new planters
  • Plant a veggie garden and save at the grocer as well
  • Add life and song to your yard with a few DIY bird feeders

Need Some Extra Help With Your Garden Makeover?

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