Increase Visual Presence

Lane Cove


The Garden Men were contracted by PMG Group to assist in the visual appeal of the Lane Cove commercial site to entice increase tenancy. The large bushland site was challenging as most of the gardens were on a slope which had overgrown with she oaks and lots of weeds  such as camphor laurel and privet. Access to the courtyard and interior gardens was limited due to height and width consideration. The main concern for the property owners was that the building was hidden from Lane Cove Rd and needed to increase its visual appearance

What we did

The Garden Men identified the key elements of the site being the impressive Angophora costata trees and worked to highlight these the the landscape. Large tree weeds of privet , camphor laurel and creeping jasmine were removed and treated in order to increase sites street appeal. The large sloping bank was mulched in hardwood native mulch and replanting of Lomandra was undertaken to compliment the existing stand. Once the large outside garden was finished work begun on improving the entrance and courtyard of the building. Large pots were used with compliment plantings. The clever use of cranes and hoists ensured that the courtyard was also improved after the gardens were pruned , weeded and mulched. Nepean River stones (8 tonnes!)  were also installed in a hard to reach upper outside garden at the back of the building – access to this section was through a window with the team using harnesses to ensure safety. This garden, whilst hard to access, was very much visible from the inside office’s. 


The overseas owner was very impressed with the work that The Garden Men produced . The visual appearance from the street was improved with the large sloping garden thinned and mulched. This visual appearance continued with the addition of signature plantings in large pots at the front and in the courtyard. At our last visit to the site, the owners would have been happy as a large group visited the site to inspect for future tenancy!