5 Things That Quickly Boost Curb Appeal

Looking to quickly boost your property’s curb appeal? Check out our guide for 5 things that work quickly.
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Gardening and landscaping, especially when it comes to commercial properties, can make or break the property’s curb appeal. Any professional in charge of a building or commercial property needs to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Maximising the positive attributes while minimising potential eyesores can be a daunting task for property managers. However, with a proper strategy, property managers can get some amazing pay-offs with only a small investment into the value and façade of the property. If you are looking to boost your property’s curb appeal quickly and without breaking the bank, here are a few unconventional ideas you ought to try.

1. Tame the Trees and Snip the Shrubbery

Have you ever skimmed through your before and after haircut pictures and got awed by the transformation of clean lines and nice trims? The same applies to shrubs and hedges associated with a property. When you give a property a careful trimming, it has almost the same effect as trimming out scraggly and overgrown hair. It gives the entire property a touch-up that everyone will notice.

Pruning, shearing, and trimming are potent artistic touch-ups that must be done right. You do not want a property looking like the shrubs and landscaping was done by a five-year-old. Proper trimming starts with scrutinising and estimating the hedge, proper timing of the hedge, and the final tidying up.

Everyone will notice whether a hedge or trees were trimmed by a professional or an amateur. If you care about a property’s curb appeal, you must get the right person to trim the hedges and shrubs. After all, they literally define the property.

2. Keep The Lawn Green and Mowed

First impressions are important, especially when business is involved. A property’s curb appeal is defined by the things that a visitor sees first: landscape elements, uniqueness of the building, or open space. One of the most straightforward ways to increase a property’s curb appeal is to ensure that the lawn is properly mowed and weeded.

There is a simple trick some property managers seem not to know: to keep a lawn green, simply make sure the greens have the right needs, including nutrition and water. A lawn can sometimes be transformed in as little as three days with the right plan and approach.

A building with a dead or dying lawn is likely to make visitors feel pretty awful. No one feels happy walking along a path way with dead, parched, or patchy grass.

3. Pressure Wash Hard Surfaces

High-traffic and overly-exposed areas hard areas can show signs of wear and effects of the elements, especially the sun and rain – not to mention the build up of dirt and grime. These areas can be beautified to improve the curb appeal of the property, beginning with pressure washing.

Pressure washing significantly improves the appearance of a home or building. Driveways and exposed areas create a first impression when a person visits. It is important to keep it clean and clear with pressure washing.

Pressure cleaning has many benefits aside from the instant beauty; it also removes any weeds and microscopic organisms and prolongs the life of the driveway or parking area. If you are not impressed by the appearance of the parking space around your building or a driveway at home, try pressure cleaning and just see the difference.

4. Mulch To Keep Greens Green

No two gardens are the same. Gardens take all kinds of shapes; they come in all sizes and take on any characteristics. They all have in common, though; that the plants play a significant role in nourishing newly growing plants. Mulching is the process of using a plant’s trimmings or leaves to recycle nutrients for the growing plants.

If a property has a garden, there is no reason not to use the nutrients the plants produce to keep the garden green and healthy. Mulching is a proven science that suppresses the growth of weeds, reduces soil erosion, promotes plant growth, and helps the soil retain moisture. Mulching is the most effortless way to maintain a garden, or boost curb appeal of a building with a garden.

5. Get Help from The Pros

There is a lot of free advice online on how to landscape, but no advice will ever beat the effort of a professional. If you passed by a building or home and subconsciously marveled at its gardens, landscape, or overall ‘nature vibe,’ chances are a professional was involved.

A professional landscaping and garden maintenance company handles all the effort it takes to transform a space. Strata managers, in particular, trust companies like ours to provide effective and reliable garden maintenance all-year-round. The pros are best placed to provide timely and dependable advice on how to landscape various spaces, as well as proactively maintain a facility through mowing, weeding, and mulching.

Are you unsure about how to boost curb appeal of your commercial garden? Contact The Garden Men and ask for a free review by the pros.

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