What is Strata Garden Maintenance?

An essential task for improving the outlook of your strata property is the design and maintenance of its gardens. Not only does it increase the value of the strata, but it can positively impact the satisfaction of its inhabitants.

We will walk you through what services are involved with strata landscaping and maintenance and how your properties can benefit from professional care. 

Your Guide to Strata Garden Maintenance 

1. Garden Care Services

Gardening experts may assist in choosing the right flowers and plants for your property. For example, your landscaper may suggest a flower or foliage feature where there is too much open space. In addition, they will make sure that your soil is fertilised and keep your plants and flowers rich with nutrients. 

Landscaping professionals pay attention to the weather conditions of the areas they provide services. This knowledge informs them when to flower or feed the plants. Their garden care services will create an eco-friendly and healthy environment and an inviting fauna around your property. With professionals looking over your garden, you can ensure that your plants will continuously be adequately fed and always looking their best.

2. Lawn Maintenance 

Lawn service is one of the most sizable and time-consuming jobs when it comes to property upkeep. Save time and energy by relying on your garden professionals to set strategic plans to keep your lawn looking green and lush. Strata lawn services cover various forms of maintenance, such as pest control, weeding, routine mowing, reseeding, and fertilising. 

Your garden experts will work with you to create a custom plan that works around you, your residents, and the seasons. It’s important to note that the changing of seasons will result in a change of schedule. For example, lawns will require more mowing in spring and autumn because of increased growth speed. In contrast, lawns in the winter will not require the same frequency of care. 

3. Edging, Reshaping, and Pruning 

Tending to trees, shrubs, and hedges is not only crucial for visual reasons— it keeps your plants happy and lasting for years. Trees, shrubs, and hedges must undergo pruning to keep them healthy. In addition to this, pruning and reshaping are vital to maintaining clear pathways and preventing cars from getting damaged by stray branches. 

The acquisition and care of these features on your property can keep the environment looking fresh while providing privacy. If you’re looking for an artistic addition to your property, you can talk with your strata maintenance provider about shaping your shrubs and hedges into various designs. 

4. Mulching

To create mulch, professionals use garden compost, chippings, and manure. The addition of mulch to your garden ensures that your soil remains moist throughout the summer. Mulch decomposes over time, which means that your garden will experience constant seeping of nutrients that will keep your soil moist during the hotter months. It improves the fertility of your garden while reducing the growth of weeds. It does so by preventing the germination of weeds and suffocating them if they do manage to sprout. 

Mulch has various benefits, but one that is not as well known is that you may save financially. The mulch consistently feeds your garden, decreasing the need for additional fertiliser. The most important advantage to using mulch— your garden will maintain a luxurious and luscious appearance. 

5. Cleaning Services

Just because it’s outside doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look clean. Flooring, pathways, and walls can suffer from buildup, spills, and dirt. Professional strata landscapers can offer high-pressure cleanings that will remove stains and clean up the dirt. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of these areas will prevent people from slipping or tripping and keep your outdoor area’s aesthetic looking fresh. Some companies may even offer rubbish removal for your property. Look for a company that provides these services to ensure you can take your garden to the next level. 

Work With Professional Landscapers Today

Strata garden maintenance can provide lush, beautiful gardens as well as appealing pathways for the community. However, this maintenance requires a great deal of time and effort. It’s key to hire the right strata garden maintenance company— hire qualified landscapers and take the responsibility of your property’s upkeep off of your back. Strata maintenance experts can offer reliable and effective strata maintenance, and you can enjoy charming results.  

Whether it’s lawn mowing, weeding, mulching, planting, or rubbish removal, your expert garden professionals at The Garden Men are here to assist you in achieving your strata landscaping dreams. 

Call or Click today for a free quote to discuss a plan that suits your needs at a reasonable and competitive price. Our highly organised, passionate team will provide you with quality service and reliable expertise.

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