Best Low Maintenance Plants for your Garden

Want to keep your garden low maintenance? We don’t blame you! Here are our top recommended easy care plants for a great garden all year round.

A key to reducing the maintenance requirements of your garden is plant selection.

The right plants can be left relatively alone – a bit of watering here and some pruning there, and you’re okay. The wrong plants require just the right amount of sunlight compared to shade, the right temperatures, the right watering pattern, frequent fertilizing, and a whole lot more work (especially as the seasons change).

High maintenance plants are great for our business, but end up being a lot more costly to our clients – and we’d prefer to help people save money if we can.

Low Maintenance Plants

This guide covers some of our recommended low maintenance plants, which is mostly made up of Australian natives (we love our Aussie plants).


The Lomandra is an Australian native. The Tanika variety grows to about 60cm high and 1m across. It is pretty much drought resistant, and stays lush and green in almost any condition. This plant is great for large areas.


This plant is used in our floral emblem! Acacias, also known as Wattles, are super low maintenance and drought resistant. The Golden Wattle is fast growing, great for a new garden.


The Correa is another native that has delicate, bell like flowers when in bloom. The flowers are rich with nectar and can attract honey eating birds. They’re best planted in full sunlight or light shade and can handle living under large trees.


There are so many varieties of succulents, we couldn’t pick just one breed. Their hardiness can vary between types, but in general succulents can tolerate hot temperatures and low watering. They also pair really well with a nice cactus plant.


Grevilleas provide an abundance of flowers for an easy care garden and have absolutely beautiful and striking flowers. From a maintenance standpoint, an annual prune after flowering will be enough to keep them compact and flowering year after year.

Coastal Banksia

The banksia has a really iconic flower and can grow into a relatively large tree if left with enough space. They’re known as being very hardy, and used a lot in Australian gardens.

Hopefully this guide helps you picking our plants for your low maintenance garden. And if course if you do need help with your garden maintenance, you’re more than welcome to call The Garden Men.

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