Garden Edging Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Garden Edging Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

An often overlooked element to achieving an eye-catching garden is edging. Landscaping edging helps create a solid hand-scraping base for your garden design that adds structure and curb appeal. Garden edging has the ability to transform your yard and with so many different and unique ways to create edging, you can really make it exactly the way you want.

Here are some garden ideas that you will want to rush out to your local garden center to try after you are done reading.

Idea #1: Terracotta 

Using terracotta as garden edging is an affordable and attractive edging idea to try out in your yard. If you don’t have any laying around the house, you can order some from your local garden supply store for a very reasonable price. Terracotta is easy to install as well, making it a great option for an enjoyable and easy to build edging that won’t break the bank.

Idea #2: Bricks

Using bricks, either laid end to end, diagonally or side-by-side can make a nice, even pattern that is great for edging any space. You can also bury the brick a little if you choose, either on its side or diagonal, so half of it is peeking out, giving it a whole new look. 

Bricks give a natural, easy-going look no matter which shade of brick you choose to go with. Maybe you have a garage full of them, or else you can get them for next-to-nothing at the local hardware store. You can spray paint them with waterproof paint for an added touch of color as well.

Idea #3: Shovel Edging

Is using objects not something you fancy? Well, then grab yourself an edging shovel and use that to make crescent moon shape curves into your edge. This way cuts the grass away and creates a sharp edge which keeps grass from growing into the flower bed whatever you choose to plant in your garden. Shovel edging will create a very clean line edge, but you will have to redo annually to keep it looking its best. 

Idea #4: Natural Rock 

Using large, natural rocks as your border between the lawn and garden is very popular and creates an adventurous look to your yard. Natural rock comes in all colors, sizes and shapes you can think of so you can really have fun making it look extra unique. You can pick up some natural rock at your local garden shop or nursery, and enjoy finding the natural rock that speaks to you and your aesthetic. Remember, when laying these out, it will take some time, so be prepared to spend an afternoon with you and your new rock horde.

Idea #5: Metal

Metal strip edging is an attractive and no nonsense edging option. Most metal edging is no-dig, meaning you just have to hammer down the metal strips until you have the look and shape you want. Metal strip edging comes in all types of finishes like copper, rusted steel, stainless steel and brushed aluminum. Great for an attractive rustic appearance. 

Idea #6: Plastic

While plastic might not be the most exciting material, it’s all in how you use it, especially when it comes to garden edging. This simple material is easy to install, no matter if you get the hammer down version in small individual sections or the long rolls, which require a trench. Plastic is great if you want to create curves in your edging design and is a long lasting and inexpensive way to get your garden a quality edge. 

Idea #7: Wood

Wood is a durable option that keeps all the charm in your garden without breaking the bank. Make sure you use treated or hardwood so it doesn’t rot or warp after you install it due to moisture. Wood is quite affordable as well, which is especially great if you have a large yard that needs a lot of edging. 

Idea #8: Paver Stones

Pavers are made from concrete and are very strong. Pavers give you the option to separate garden areas with small walkways, or simply use them like you would any other edging materials. Keep in mind pavers are heavy, so make sure to get help moving them or use a wheelbarrow or other device for transport. 

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