How to Take Care of Your Yard During the Winter

Don’t let the winter blues keep you from maintaining your lawns. Here’s some quick tips to keep things looking good all year round!
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Taking care of your lawn is important throughout the entire year. However, a lot of people make the simple mistake of not maintaining their lawn during winter season. We get it, it’s colder and you don’t go outside as much. Plus grass and plants just don’t grow as much.

But a lack of basic maintenance can lead to dead spots and decrease the curb appeal of your home. We’ve put together a few tips for a great way to stay proactive during winter to keep your lawn looking great at all times.

Aerate and Fertilise Your Lawn

One way to take care of your lawn is to aerate your yard before that first winter chill. Lawn aeration helps reduce compaction that builds up throughout the year, while also improving air exchange with the soil and the atmosphere. Afterward, it’s a good idea to fertilise your lawn to give your grass much-needed nutrients to prepare for the winter season.

Get Mulching

Mulching in winter keeps weeds from growing in the garden, and helps control the temperatures of your soil. This will help minimise the damage the colder weather does to your precious plants. Make sure you don’t make any of the most common mulching mistakes.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Another way to maintain your lawn during the winter is to keep it clean by raking or blowing leaves. Too many leaves piled up in one area can suffocate your lawn or even cause mould or fungal growth. You can also use a lawnmower to easily mulch your leaves into much smaller pieces to help bring nutrients back into the grass. Taking the time to clean your yard on a weekly basis is a great way to stay proactive while also reducing the amount of yard work that can quickly build up over time.

Remove Weeds and Fallen Debris

Weeds often appear after a few rainy days during the winter season. Removing these weeds as soon as possible is a great way to prevent them from spreading throughout your yard. Removing fallen tree limbs and other debris is also important, especially after a winter storm. Keeping limbs out of your yard will prevent unwanted bare patches while also making your lawn look much better.


The winter season can be harsh on your lawns if you slack off on your maintenance. Staying proactive by following these steps is an excellent way to keep your lawn well-maintained. Choosing to aerate and fertilise your lawn before the first real winter’s chill will also give your yard a much-needed boost for the spring season. Keeping your yard clean by removing debris and weeds is also key in maintaining your lawn and preventing diseases or dead spots.

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