Top Gardening Tips for Spring

Spring is here! If you’re excited about the change in season and want to get started on your garden, you will love this guide. Learn about our top tips to kickstart the garden in Spring.

Spring is our favourite season here at the Garden Men, and it’s probably not too hard to image why.

It’s a time of growth and new life, so naturally it’s also a great time to get your hands dirty in the garden. Of course, when you’re not someone who’s in the garden a lot, it can be hard to know exactly what you should be doing with your time.

So we thought we’d put together a quick guide of our top tips to help you in the garden this Spring.

Clean out the garden

Before starting anything, it’s a great idea to clean out the garden. That means get rid of all weeds and any debris you can find. Make sure you take weeds out by the roots, so they don’t grow back. Depending on how active you were during Winter, this job might be a big one!

Take care of your grass

Your grass has been pretty quiet over Winter, so nows the time to give it some TLC. Get out the garden fork and aerate your lawn. Apply a weed killer to remove weeds and bindis (bindii?). After a few weeks, follow up with lawn specific fertiliser to keep the grass growing nice and strong.

Time for a trim

Plants that survived the winter will need to be pruned so they can get some fresh growth. If you have any withered winter branches on your trees and shrubs, nows the time to clean them up too. And don’t forget to trim your hedges!
Dead and dying branches stress the plant, plus clearing up the canopy allows more sunlight to reach the plant which promotes health.


Think about adding mulch to your existing garden and flower beds. Mulch insulates the soil which helps provide a buffer from temperature fluctuations. It also retains wter helping keep roots moist, keeps weeds out to prevent root competition, and prevents soil compaction. Mulch is awesome!

Get planting

Spring is a great time to plant almost anything you’d like. Plants need water, light, warmth and soil or compost to grow. Spring has that great mix of the conditions plants need to begin to grow. Plenty of sprin showers gives them the water they need, and the longer days mean more daylight and warmth which raises the temperature of both air and soil.

Full of…. fertiliser

Before spring gets into full swing, most things in the garden will appreciate a good dose of fertiliser. Blood and bone and dynamic lifter are perfect for Australian natives. Unless your plants are in their native environment, you’ll need to add nutrients to replace those they lose naturally.


You can follow these simple tips to get the most out of your garden this Spring. And if you’d like the help of a great garden maintenance service in Sydney, feel free to contact us.

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