When Should You Hire a Professional Landscaper?

If you enjoy gardening and your plans aren’t especially ambitious or complex, then you might be successful going about things on your own. Otherwise, it makes more sense to go with a professional for designing, installing, and maintaining your landscaping.

The landscaping around a home can be an incredible asset when done right. It beautifies the property, gives it character, enhances enjoyment of time spent outdoors, and adds value.

Almost inevitably, the question of whether to do it yourself or hire a professional is going to come up. The key considerations are going to relate to time, money, skill, and scope in one way or another.

If you enjoy gardening and your plans aren’t especially ambitious or complex, then you might be successful going about things on your own. Otherwise, it makes more sense to go with a professional for designing, installing, and maintaining your landscaping. There are a lot of factors making this so.


First and foremost, professional landscapers are experts at what they do. You may perform some basic maintenance on an automobile, but would you undertake major engine repairs on your own? You might administer first aid to someone who has suffered a minor injury, but are you going to try to perform major medical procedures for that person?

Most likely (we hope), the answer to each of those questions is “No!” Well, the same should go for your landscaping.

A professional landscaper is going to know what to do and will do it right.

Planning and Design

You might have a vision for your dream landscaping, but you might not know exactly how to go about it. A professional landscaper will sit down with you to talk about your goals and then will customise a plan for your property.

Do you know what plants grow best in Sydney’s climate? A professional will, and a pro will tell you if plants you would like have a realistic chance of thriving and what it’s going to take to get them to do so. Will the slope or other aspects of your property support particular features you want to have? Do the plants going in require regular watering best provided by an automatic irrigation system? The pros can tell you.

In addition, a professional will be familiar with any pertinent codes and required permits. No one wants the headache of installing some water feature or garden structure and then learning it was in violation of local regulations.


On a small property, a home gardener can probably handle garden maintenance, lawn mowing, and watering on his or her own if preferred. The larger the property, however, the more there is to do, and the responsibilities can become overwhelming. In those instances, a professional service is perfectly suited to relieving those burdens.


It might not be too much to go the DIY way if the landscaping just involves grass, flowers, and shrubs, but what if your vision involves more than that?

Water features such as waterfalls and ponds require a great deal of work and expertise that are beyond the capacity of the typical homeowner. Excavation, plumbing, and proper drainage are all involved, and these are best handled by professionals. Landscapers and the professionals who build these features work together to make sure everything is done right and aesthetically.

If you’re having someone install a pool or a spa, you’re going to want landscaping that complements it, and a good landscaper will work with the builder to ensure that.

Likewise, if you are building a deck or a patio, or if you are designing with outdoor entertaining in mind, a professional landscaper can help with the planning and with the installation of lighting and wiring.

Connections to Industry

In the above examples, your landscaping service may not do all the work, but it will be able to make recommendations for reputable companies. Your service may even be able to bring those other contractors in directly, saving you that task.

Caring for Trees

Large trees can be huge bonuses for a property because of the shade, recreation, and beauty they provide, but they require special care. Because tree root systems go deeper into the soil than grass roots do, they require a substantially different method of fertilisation. They also require selective pruning of branches and limbs to maintain health and to eliminate hazards. Limbs that grow against houses or over roofs can cause damage and make maintenance of the building’s exterior more complicated, more expensive, or near impossible in some cases. Diseased or dead limbs, and limbs close to power lines, present potentially deadly risks to people. Landscaping professionals are equipped to both identify existing or potential problems and deal with them.

Time Saved

One of the greatest values professional landscaping provides is in time-saved for the homeowner. The time required to design, install, and maintain landscaping can be extensive, especially so the larger the property is and the more features there are. It’s also strenuous, dirty, and sweaty work that most people don’t necessarily care for. Hiring a professional landscaper to take care of most of these needs saves you an incredible amount of time, hassle, and worry.

Money Saved

For many people, the biggest inhibition to going with professional landscaping is the extra cost. In reality, though, going with a pro is likely to actually save you money over time. For one thing, because the professional is highly experienced in planning and executing similar projects, this will avoid costly repairs such as redesigns, reinstallations, and removal of plants that often come with a DIY approach.

A professional landscaper will also make sure your projects stay on budget.

Finally, as we mentioned way back at the start, good landscaping will add value to your home. The increased value and the time it takes to recoup your costs at selling time vary according to the projects and how much your home has appreciated in value over time, but it is proven that quality landscaping raises a home’s resale value and curb appeal.

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